No more trinkets

3D print truly useful products

How It Works

  • 3D Print the Model

    Download and 3D print the product that you want. All models are available for free on the downloads page.

  • Order the Kit

    The parts that cannot be printed can be ordered from our store. All components fit perfectly with our designs.

  • Assemble the Product

    The final step is to assemble the product following the simple how-to guide we provide. That’s it!

Get the Kit

All designs are tailored to fit the kits in our shop.

Melon Shades

3D printed clock

Sunglasses with high quality polarized lenses. Made to fit you.

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Armadillo Headphones

Armadillo Headphones Unfolded

Super portable headphones with great sound. Designed without compromise.

Unlike anything you have printed before.

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BoBo Clock

3D printed clock

Designed from the ground up for 3D printing the clock makes for a perfect companion at your desk or bedside table.

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