Melon Shades Assembly

Get the Kit

High quality polarized lenses that fit the Melon Shades design perfectly.

Choosing the Size

When you download the files you will get several versions of the sunglasses that vary in nose width, overall width and temple-piece length. To find which version fits you the best we recommend either measuring the model in a 3D-modelling software, or printing the version you believe will fit best based on the name of the file (eg. “Frame-wide_nose_medium_head.stl”).

Printing the Parts

The following parts need to be printed before the assembly can begin. The suggested infill levels are based on PLA. If you are using a stronger material such as ABS, it possible to use less infill.

Part Qty. Recommended Infill
Temple Left 1 50%
Temple Right 1 50%
Frame 1 50%

Print Orientation

For easy removal of support the model should be positioned as in the image below.

Removing the Supports

To remove the supports after printing you can use a knife or other sharp object. Be extra careful to remove all material from the inside of the frames since even a little residue could result in the lenses not fitting properly.

Attaching the Lenses

To attach the lenses simply insert them into the track on the inside of the frame, and close the frame around the temple piece. To keep the frame shut you will need to glue it together. We recommend using a strong glue meant for plastic since much of the durability of the product will be determined by how well the glue holds.

You’re done!

Now hit the park or the beach and enjoy your custom fit sunglasses!