Earn From Your Designs

Earn From Your Designs

DeskGrown allows designers to get their products into user’s hands with unprecedented ease. It is a breakthrough model of distribution that opens up a new way for makers to earn from their work.

Designing the Product

As a designer you have complete freedom to use any of the components available in our library. Start by taking a look at the list of components and choosing the type of product you would like to make. The list of available components will be expanding rapidly, giving designers a myriad of options in the near future.

To get the exact dimensions go to the components library and download the 3D model.

Components Library

Criteria for Getting Accepted

For a design to be accepted onto DeskGrown it needs to:

  1. Be printable in PLA
  2. Be printable with minimal use of supports
  3. Use at least one of our components
  4. Be possible to assemble without glue
  5. Differentiate itself in a meaningful way from other products on the site

The Ultimate Criteria

While fulfilling the previously mentioned criteria is necessary for getting accepted, it is not enough. When designing ask yourself this questions constantly:

Is this a great product, or is it a great product for having been 3D printed?

For your design to get accepted the answer needs to be that the product is simply great, no conditional statements attached. We are on a mission to show that 3D printing is not just for fun and games, but that it is in fact a valuable tool that can replace large parts of traditional manufacturing and distribution. To do this we need to keep the standard high so that each of our products showcases the true potential of 3D printing.

To get an idea of what we believe makes a great product, have a look at Dieter Rams’s 10 principles.


Once your design is accepted a “Kit” will be created with all of the required components. For each sold Kit that pertains to your design you will receive a royalty of 12%.

At the end of each month you will get your compensation transferred to you via PayPal. If the compensation aggregated from the last payout is below $20, the payment will be withheld until the total amount due is above that threshold.

How to Submit Your Design

When you submit your design you can be certain that someone is actually taking the time to evaluate your work properly.

To submit, simply email the STL files along with a short description of your design to designers@deskgrown.com.

We would feel quite bad rejecting a product that someone has put a lot of time into. Because of this we recommend you reach out with some basic sketches and ideas for your product before investing a lot of time into it.


Do I keep the rights to my design?

I have fulfilled all of the design criteria and believe my design looks great. Am I certain to get accepted?
No. The final decision on whether or not to publish your product is partially subjective and lies with our team. This is why we encourage you to communicate with us throughout the design process so that we can provide guidance, and let you know if something is wrong early on.

Do I need to have PayPal in order to get compensation for my designs?
Yes. All designers need to setup a PayPal account.

Should I quit my job and take out a second mortgage now that I can earn in this awesome new way?
Hold off on that. It is difficult to predict how successful your product will be. The great part about having your product up on DeskGrown is that it is a passive stream of income. A year from now you will still be seeing returns on your time investment if people are still buying your kit.

Get started

To get started, visit the components library and choose what type of product you would like to make.

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